Many years gone by – Finally a camera system I love

Because I worked for Nikon for a great number of years a lot of people think I still shoot with Nikon.  Nikon like Canon and several others make great Dslr cameras, and there are a lot of them but they do not fit my shooting style or my personal needs.  They are heavy, big, as are the lenses and at this stage of my life represent what I do not want to carry around all day.

I have two favorite mirrorless camera systems and they are the Fuji X system & the Olympus OMD system.  Fuji uses a very advanced APS sensor design which produces crisp and great color images.  Olympus uses Micro Four Thirds sensor.  The Fuji cameras have become my own personal choices of cameras because:

  • They are small, but not to small.  I can reach all of the controls without looking.

  • Very comfortable to hold and wear

  • They are light weight, but made of magnesium so they are very strong.

  • Old world design coupled with modern day technology all coming together to make a tool a photographer can depend upon.  Simply put the right choice of camera at a fair price for all it provides.

  • Quiet.  Almost impossible to here the camera fire.  No clack clack clack.  Just the whisper of a very quite shutter.

  • The best image quality I have seen (opinion) out of any cameras available.  They have a very creamy, tack sharp, great look no matter which film setting you choose.  Did I say film settings.  Yup!  I did.

The lenses that Fuji has made for the cameras are nothing short of superb.  Very sharp, extremely well built, and easy to work with.  I also have a Leica M mount adapter to Fuji X and a Nikon F and Nikon G adapter for Nikon lenses.  All these lenses work manually for focus and in aperture priority or manual control for focusing.  They work great.  There are of course adapters for other brand lenses as well.  Carl Zeiss will be manufacturing very special lenses with the Fuji mount this year. 2013.

For more information you can read reviews here: Fuji

3 thoughts on “Many years gone by – Finally a camera system I love

  1. I have both Bunn and they are both very capable systems. My Fuji experience in regards to auto focus has not been what forums might suggest. I have really not had any bad focusing issues with the current Fuji models but I am also not trying to focus on very fast moving subjects. However I did some shots in New York of two crazies going at it and they were tack sharp.

    The new Fuji models just announced are supposed to be very fast and perhaps faster than the Olympus do to a new on sensor focusing system. I am in no hurry to change right now because I am satisfied. But if I was getting into to it today I would sure go to the Fuji.

    The Fuji image quality is way above that of the Olympus. It has a color and detail quality that Olympus does not exhibit. It truly makes me feel I am working with film. The difference is a more subtle image vs. a digitally hard image.


    1. Bunn I should mention like a lot of contrast focus systems, with a very contrasty background and small subject, focus will go to the higher contrast area. But with the new Fuji cameras coming out they are using an updated X trans sensor which will have both Phase AF, like a dslr and contrast like a mirrorless camera and will auto switch to which ever is most effective.


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