Waiting For The Next Best Thing

Elliot Paul Stern – www.elliotpaulstern.me – -February 5, 2013

The camera industry, thanks to technology in sensors has been able to remake itself into one of the biggest electronic industries out there today.  Computer technologies have enabled cameras to have image control features that never existed with film cameras.

The one thing you can be sure of is that technology will not stop moving ahead with newer and better developments in sensor technology and other technology with which to enhance your photographic experience.  Whether or not that will really make a difference in the final image delivery, either electronic or paper and ink is hard to say.  I can say that as the sensor technology improves so must the glass that brings the image to the sensor.  You can never go wrong investing in better optics.  And better optics will make a difference in the final image presentation.


One of the main questions I always get in emails or at workshops is “I want to buy a new camera, but should I wait, because something better is going to come out, what do you think?”

I think that no matter what kind of camera style you want, whether it be a compact mirrorless system, a full sized Dslr system, a point and shoot, a range finder system,  or a fixed lens mirrorless, I would not wait for the next best thing because the changes are not going to be that much better and may not be better at all.

If you already have a system, then think about upgrading your lenses.  As megapixels grow so does the need for better lenses.nicubunu_Emoticons_Question_face

If you are at a new stage of your photography and want less gear in lighter packages that produce outstanding images then consider mirrorless cameras from Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony.

If you want high speed, rapid focusing, full frame cameras then consider Nikon, Canon, Sony and Pentax cameras.

If you have questions then please email me at Elliotpaulstern@me.com

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