Through all of the excitement of children, dogs, the happy Irish all enjoying the parade came this moment of calm and sophistication

Welcome to the streets

It was cold, windy, cloudy and we even saw a few snow flurries, but the workshop participants barreled forward to get great images of the St. Patrick’s day celebration in Old Town Alexandria.  I know.  St. Patrick’s day is on the March 17th. Go figure.

But the day was wonderful for street photography.  There was a open air market in the town center and that gave way to an incredible dog show.  Not long after those two outstanding happenings, the parade began and between the folks in the parade and those watching from the side lines the photo ops were everywhere.

It never go above 35 degrees, it was windy, it was damp, it snowed a tiny bit, fingers were frozen, feet numb and the street photography workshop participants were incredible.  The forged forward to capture some really wonderful images at the EARLY St Patrick’s day parade in Old Town Alexandria from 8:30 a.m. to 2 P.M.

Was not happy to get the picture taken and grumped at a few students but ya know public is public.
Was not happy to get the picture taken and grumped at a few students but ya know public is public.

After our discussion in the Garage across from the closed Torpedo Factory about capturing life as it happens, and not allowing yourself to be intimidated at times when the subject catches your eye, as well as zone focusing, composition, shutter speeds, black and white vs color, use of monopod’s, etc. we were able to make it out for our first bathroom stop.  There are priorities and the cold did not help.

We then made our way to an

These guys just loved getting their picture taken.  Were so happy to see all the photographers.
These guys just loved getting their picture taken. Were so happy to see all the photographers.

open air food market with lots of great opportunities to capture the vendors as well as customers.  By 10 a.m. the town center where the food market was had been converted to a stage area and hundred of dogs and people for a wonderful dog show.  Dogs can be the most wonderful PEOPLE to photograph.  Shortly after the dog show the St. Patrick’s day parade began.  Two weeks before St. Patrick’s day.  Go figure.

Here is a student gallery which will be on going as students keep sending me their images.  I hope you all enjoy.

March 5 – After looking at a great many images that the work shop participants have sent me and that I posted in the gallery, I am pretty impressed with every ones imaging which in some cases is close to the same but also different.  They all did a super job on their first street photography workshop.

As always the wonderful people who created these images own these images lock stock and barrel.  They are all to be considered copy righted and the property of the photographers.

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  1. Greg Bosque says:

    Elliot, thanks again for putting on a fun day of picture taking. It was definitely a joy to participate. BTW do you mind posting your rule-of-thumb information for zone focusing / street shooting? That would be appreciated.


    1. thanks Greg. Will do later today!


  2. Joe Lee Frank says:

    Excellent color, composition, and timing. I am particularly impressed by the color balance given the gray day. The even handed intensity across the spectrum shows that these shots were correctly balanced to begin with not insanely modified in PS6. Well done. A thoroughly enjoyable gallery.


    1. I am very impressed with the work all of the students did on the streets.


      1. Thanks Joe Lee, you were missed. I know you would have had a ball at this one.


    2. I just put up an interesting post about Photoshop written by a photographer in New Zealand. Interesting to say the least.


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