Historians Will Look At What You Photograph Now – – – – Blue Ridge Workshops – – Elliot Stern

In the future, historians will study artifacts from our culture for clues about how we viewed the world around us.

Photographers will be one of the major contributors to a vast storehouse of knowledge about today. Literally, you and others are taking billions of photographs every day and, by capturing the world-the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the unusual, and the mundane-around you, your images will help historians analyze and put our world in perspective in history.

I think that is quite a responsibility.  Part of that responsibility is getting your images right.  The creation of the image begins in the camera.  It does not matter if you use a digital single lens reflex camera, mirror less camera, point and shoots, or a cell phones.  Get it right in the camera!

Then comes the processing.  Once again, it does not matter what you use for processing your images, but get it right.  Colors should be accurate, details should be crisp but not to crisp. Black and white images should be processed so the shadows are deep and dark and there is good contrast. When viewing a black and white image, a viewer’s eyes goes right to the subject because there is no color to draw a viewer’s attention from the subject and deep shadows and good contrast will make your image pop out among the billions.

Get it right for the historians who are going to ponder over your work and will determine our place in history.

You are the documentarians bringing to life for future generations how we lived.

 Make images whenever you can.  Have a camera with you so you do not miss an opportunity.  Most of you already carry a cell phone that has a camera but, if you carry a camera that can render greater detail and accuracy.

Thank you for your contributions to the historians of the future.

Happy Shooting!  Let’s go make history.

Elliot Paul Stern

Post Script:

Blue Ridge Workshops is here to help you get it right.  We have excellent, knowledgeable, attentive instructors whose goal is to make you better today than you were yesterday in both capturing the image and processing the image.  

Blue Ridge Photography Workshops



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