re – post Image Processing Software – Is there a perfect solution? Is it just about the software?

There are so many different image processors in the market place today.  Some are  terrible in regards to the final results. Others are middle of the road and some are exceptional.   Processors like Silky Pix have interfaces designed for a species not from this planet, while others do a reasonably great job in getting us through the post processing elements of our final images.

There again, what each of us consider a great image is highly subjective because we all see things in a different way.  If we depend upon “Judges” to apply the exact rules of the realm and if left up to them, rules that must be followed.  That can get pretty boring and even stifle really terrific creative photographers.  Remember rules are made to be broken sometimes and judges are not immune to having their own preconceived likes and dislikes.

Depend upon yourself to make the determination  what looks good and what does not in your own personal photography.  You know as well as I do that the severist critics are ourselves when it comes to our own work.

So what software will bring us close to the way  we thought our own personal images should look?  I have seven raw processors sitting on my desk top.   because there is a need to know about them for the sake of our students. My favorite ones are going to be the ones that are not only easier to use but also produce the closest results to what I saw when I photographed.

I have Lightroom v5.0, Phaseone Captureone v.7.12, Irident Raw Developer (latest) mac only, Apple Aperture (latest version)mac only, Photoshop v5.0, Silkypix (latest version).

What cameras do I shoot with?  I shoot a Fuji x pro 1, Fuji X-e1, Fuji X100, and A Fuji X10.  On their own they are very capable of incredible resolution and exceptional color reproduction.  But as good as their color reproduction is concerned the software I use will alter that when the image the software’s own parameters.  What I personally shoot with will be a determining factor what software works for me.

The most universal software in my opinion is Adobe Lightroom 5.0. It is designed for photographers, is simple and covers a lot of cameras.  It accepts my Jpeg and Raw files and provides the best set of tools and plug-ins available to process an image in very creative ways.

But for the highest quality, most accurate software for my particular cameras, I is  Phaseone Capture one v7.12. It produces the best out of camera rendering for My FUJI FILES. Next in line is Irident Raw Developer  At the point of entry into the software, the interpretation of the image is handled in virtually a perfect way.  But as good as Capture One and Irident are I always end my post process by transferring my almost final file to Adobe Lightroom for just a bit of plug-in tweaking.  My plug-ins are made by NIK SOFTWARE, OWNED BY GOOGLESo what does it take for Fuji files to get processed?  Capture one and Lightroom with Nik Plugins.  How long does it take?  About 3.5 minutes a file.

Recently I posted a sunflower Gallery of images I made before our Sunflower field trip.   My purpose was to check out the fields and find what would hopefully be the best vantage points for image creation for our students.

A person whose judgement I value highly, George Fennell from X-Rite,  a very astute  person, casually pointed out to me that from one image to the next the color of the sunflowers was varied.  That did not make the images bad images, but from a technical stand point the colors were not perfectly balanced in post processing.  The beautiful yellows were varied and granted they were shot in different light, but could have been more accurate to the trained eye.  George is the more than local rep for the Mac Group, he is an expert in the photographic industry.

In a near future article that George is writing on color calibration we are all going to learn a great deal about the right tools and what they do.

My original gallery is still up and running but the gallery with this blog images done with Capture one and Lightroom

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