Don’t Leave Home Without by Elliot Paul Stern – Blue Ridge Workshops

The Multi Tool Leatherman Juice  XE6

When photographers go anywhere one of the things that most forget, is to take less gear than planned and always have a multi-tool in the bag or pocket for the times you never think about needing a knife or screw driver, a scissor or a pliers.  You get the idea.

There are a lot of brands on the market from really good ones to really very bad ones.  I don’t41CARFCMA7L._SX385_ want to get into an arm wrestling match on what is better and why so I will simply say that I use Leatherman ®.  I have three of them.

The biggest one called the wave is always in my car within a short reach.  The smallest one is the Juice 2 and that usually sits in a pocket for those times when I am traveling with just a camera and lens and my favorite is the Juice XE6.

The Juice XE6 has a full range of tools:

The only thing it is missing is an Allen wrench for my Arca Swiss tripod plates, but two of them fit nicely in the Leatherman leather case that is optional but made for this particular multi-tool.

The tool comes either in purple or gray.  I choose purple because it is easy to spot should I leave it lying on the ground or if the inside of my camera bag is black but never is.

I have disciplined my self so I always have this tool with me.  There have been numerous occasions just in the past few weeks where a student or teacher would have had a serious issue in the field but thanks to the Leatherman Juice 6414vduOfz6L._AA160_ the problems were solved in minutes.

This particular knife is my favorite multi tool because it is small, strong and loaded with tools.  It has several screwdrivers, and awl, saw, knife, can opener, scissor, corkscrew, pliers, file..  It folds up into a small package is just simply invaluable.  There are larger and smaller but the size of the Juice 6 is simply perfect.

41DGC0RG5DL._SX385_There is no way that every photographer should be without this tool in his or her gear arsenal.

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