It shouldn’t happen to any of us but it can and does. Sometimes you have to take the bad and hope for the best.

It shouldn’t happen to any of us but it can and does.  Sometimes you have to take the bad and hope for the best.

So I decided that I was going to go to Prince William Park and take our Parsons Jack Russel for some R&R.

I had two cameras with me; a Fuji XE1 and Fuji Xpro1 with a 14mm on one and 18-55 zoom on the other.  One was secured to my backpack and the other was secured to my belt.  I was able to keep my hands free because of the Peak Design Pro Clamps and  their Arca Swiss mounts.   They provide very fast access to the camera and lens combinations I was using.  They also have a universal mount should you be using Manfrotto quick releases.  And even better the entire assembly can be mounted to a tripod. 

The Pro Clamp can also serve as a lens for a telephoto lens with a collar.

The air was crisp, the breezes light.  It was a morning golden sun making it wonderful to shooting and hiking.  Ginger, (the pup) thought so too as she tried to eat as much of the forest she could get in her little mouth.

It had rained the night before so the leaves and branches as well as the rocks all had drops of water on them making this day even more exciting to get images.

And we hiked for about two miles and Ginger whom I forgot to bring water for was seeking a better way than licking leaves and rocks to quench her thirst.  We headed down towards a near by stream through some very root heavy and mud heavy terrain, and finally Ginger was happy romping in the stream and drinking to hcapturepro hero-310x310er hearts content.

All that time I was happily shooting a variety of interesting subjects with the goal of using the excellent film simulation for black and white that the Fuji cameras provide.

When we were both done we headed back up the steep hill we took down to get back to the car.

Here it comes.

I am sure by now you have guessed but in case you have not I’ll tell you.  As I turned to see why Ginger was behind me and not in front of me, my boot caught a root and I immediately started my journey accelerated by the slick mud down the hill on my back with only the back pack to cushion my head.   By the time I got to where the stream was my backpack and my clothes were caked in mud.arcaplate hero-310x310

So I took and understood the bad part and then realized that something good also happened.  If the camera had been on my shoulder it would have been caked in mud and probably smashed against the rocks like I had been. Or worse broken a couple of my ribs.  Fortunately only my pride and my butt was hurt and the cameras survived.

The camera that was attached to my pants belt and the other to the shoulder strap on the backpack both survived with barely an issue. Capture Pro kept the cameras  right where they were mounted and kept them from flying down the hill.

They survived because they were attached with two Peak Design Capture Pro camera clips.  They fit securely, lock on, and release only with your finger pressure on the unlock switch.

These camera clips as well as quick release camera straps and a host of accessories for me have proven the best way to carry cameras knowing they are always ready topov4-480x480 capture the moment.

In this case it all turnepropad hero-310x310d out okay, and Ginger had a great day especially chasing my body back down the hill.

Thanks Peak Design for once again saving the situation.

I got my Peak gear at WWW.EPHOTOCRAFT.COM and they are located in Burke Va.  A great mom and pop camera shop with great service.

And for those of you who want a perfect Holiday Gift for the wonderful photographer in your life, the Peak Design Products Are The ones to get.  cuff hero-480x480 leash hero-480x480









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