Random Flowers At The Nursery When All Else Fails

Sometimes Mama-Nature is very disagreeable and makes a decision that flowers and plants are going to be late.  2014 Spring in Northern VA has been cold and when it’s cold the baby plants are not coming out from under their soil blankets.  So just because, I went to the plant nursery the other day just for the hell of it.

Merrifield Gardens has lots of nurseries around town but so many enthusiasts told me that the one in Fairfax VA has the best flowers and plants.  I have to agree.

All of these images were shot with two Fuji X-E1 cameras, one with a Fuji X-60mm 2.8 macro lens the other with the Fuji X-18-55 zoom lens.  They were first processed in Irident Raw Developer *, saved to Adobe Lightroom 5.0 where they were further processed, and in Lightroom, I applied Google Nik sharpener, Google Nik Define, and in some cases Google Nik Silverefex Pro 2.0.  Because I was in the mood, many images were cropped in Lightroom to 1:1 square format.

(*)The reason for using Irident Raw Developer as my first quick step in processing Fuji Raw Images (.RAF files) is because Brian Griffith who is the developer has made very special efforts to produce what I consider the best raw processor for the Fuji X-Trans 16mp sensor.  I use Adobe Lightroom to further process because it can do many other things that Irident or other processor cannot do including linking to Google Nik plug-ins.

A special note here as well is Irident Raw Developer for now is only available for Mac Computers.





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