Repetition – Helps Us Learn And Be Better Photographers Repetition Can Damage You Severely And Take Away Doing The Photography You Love


Repetition – Helps Us Learn And Be Better Photographers 

Repetition Can Damage You

Severely And Take Away Doing The Photography You Love


You might think the title is conflicted but it really isn’t.


Repetition is a great way to learn.  Either by doing or reading the same things or similar things over and over again.


However repetition when defined in the form of a repetitive motion can be the cause of bodily injury over a period of time.  As examples things like assembly line jobs, construction workers,  and pretty much any thing that requires repetitive motion.  It can be related to injuries from years before.


There are a variety of things that can cause this problem but whatever they are they can and will effect you as a photographer because it affects your thumb, wrist and forearm in a very painful way.de_Quervains_arthritis_de_quervains_disease_information


It is called De Quervains Tenosynovitis.  CLICK HERE


While there are other things that can effect what we do photographically such as bending at the knees to get the shot, wearing a camera bag on one shoulder all the time, carrying a tripod in one’s hand the same way most of the time, constant bending one’s wrist horizontally back and forth while taking a picture, etc.


We do not realize that holding a camera in our hands at the ready to quickly get the next shot can ultimately cause injury that will surface years later.


I used to carry a camera in my right hand, with a 70-200 2.8 (heavy) lens hanging at my side.  Being that I did this a lot and because of the weight as well as the holding angle I was setting myself up for damage that would strike me in later life.  Unlike arthritis which for most comes with age and progresses slowly, De Quervains Tenosynovitis suddenly appears and within less than a month takes away your mobility in the affected hand and arm.  It is also very painful.


Even if you are up in years like me or younger, there are lots of things you can do to prevent future damage as photographers.


1-Going to a lighter weight system is not a real problem solver because the motion will be the same.


2-Hand straps will not prevent repetitive motion.


3-Wear your camera across you chest. There are a lot of sling type straps that will keep your hands free and therefore not constantly forcing motion repetition.


4-Wear camera bags across your chest which will prevent the motion of constantly putting down your bag and lifting your bag while you get your gear.


5-Carry tripods either in a case with a strap, or use a strap that attaches to the tripod.


6-Companies like ThinkTank have light weight carry system that you can wear.


7-Tamrac also has carry systems that will work.


8-Black Rapid Sling Straps


9-Peak Design Belt System and sling straps


If you become afflicted you more than likely be given a cortisone shot and a brace.


If you become afflicted you more than likely will be given a cortisone shot and a brace.  What could be worse than all of this.  How about the same affliction and some hairline fractures in your thumb and wrist at the same time.  Treat you body right.


Take care of your body parts, camera system parts and have a great photography day.thumbspicawrist




































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