The Role Light Plays For Photographers Is A Given – Learn How New Developments Have Made It Easier to Determine

Light Is The Most Important Ingredient For Photographers – But Technology Is Making It Easier To Determine

If you are a photographer then you first and for most understand the meaning of light when it comes to capturing stunning images.

Light comes in many temperatures and angles and trying to determine where that light will be at a certain time and what the temperature will be as well as how the angle of the light will produce the shadows we want or perhaps not want.

Many years ago someone told me a story about Galen Rowell who was an outstanding landscape photographer, produced one of his outstanding images.  I may not have it one hundred percent correct but I’ll be close.

There was and probably still is a mountain peak which was surrounded by smaller peaks and I think a water fall.  Mr. Rowell had to determine how the light would ultimately hit the top of the peak as well as illuminate a portion of the falls.  As the story was told he went back day after day to follow the light and adjusting for the minute changes in position which changed so very little each day.  Finally after all of his drawings and calculations he got the shot.  That was dedication to the art and science of understanding the effects of light on photographic subjects, especially when the photographer has little to no control.  So he got the shot at the exact point he wanted it, was able to use the warmth of morning light, which struck the mountain top at the exact angle he expected.

That takes a lot of patience and dedication as well as determination.  He was a brilliant photographer whose untimely death left a void in our photo communities   But unlike so many of you, he was able to take his time, do his studies of the subject over a period of perhaps a week and ultimately take that one spectacular image.  For those of us who have photography as a hobby or even a side job, the ability to spend that much time to calculate and shoot is virtually impossible even on vacation.

But that was years ago and so many things have advanced in photography including digital cameras, digital processing, and yes time saving photography apps which can help us get the amazing shots we all long for.  But through all the advances, patience cannot be learned, only developed.  And of course you have probably surmised that this whole conversation is leading up to something.

I am going to direct you to some very impressive phone and tablet apps that could save you the days Mr. Rowell spent calculating point of light as well as help you determine what your lens will cover in regards to angle of view before you ever take the shot.

This software is inexpensive but worth a fortune to those who want to become the best landscape photographer they can.  It is just another great software advancement.  One of them has been around for awhile and the other is relatively new.  Here we go.

These are two links to the software you must look at no matter what you like to photograph.  Great light when and where you need it by knowing when and where it is going to be is a must and these two pieces of software will put you ahead of the curve.  While I could go on and on in explaining what these pieces of software do it is best that you read all of the details at the web sites I am pointing you to.

I hope you find these pieces of software as valuable as I do.  Here are the links:

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