Lolumina – via Elliot Sterns Blog

In the photography industry it is inevitable that someone will invent an accessory which may or may not have a practical application.

In the case of Lolumina who manufactures a new type of shutter soft release I would think that for many photographers it may very well be a practical solution to a smoother and more positive release of the shutter at the most important moment.

I have used soft releases for many years and they have been the screw in type.  However with many new cameras the thread is gone and you are either happy with the release you have or you may feel that you miss the shot because you could not feel the release.

Click on the link below and learn about this May 2014 product release.

Be sure to also go to the help menu and learn how this product is installed.  It may seem that a certain level of expertise is necessary.  I can say for sure that it is really quite simple to apply.

Did it make a difference in the feel of the shutter release.  Yes it did.  Much smoother and precise.

Have I ordered one?  Yes, for my new Fujicolor XTi


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