Tips for Setting up a File Management System

Tips for Setting up a File Management System.

Having read through this excellent article on how to file your images, it reminded me of something I used when I first got started with computers shortly after the discovery of the wheel.

Today there are some terrific systems such as Lightroom for setting up libraries ;and they work fine.  I am not a fan of the Lightroom library methods or for that matter any of the others.  But that is just me.  Many people swear by Lightroom file systems.

However, looking at the system in this article which reminded me of days past I find that this is a virtually fool proof method of sorting and storing ones images.

Saving to external drives really makes more sense to me and to double back up the  cloud in one form or another is another way to go just to be double safe.

A super program to help with all of this filing is PhotoMechanic which let’s you tag the files you want to keep, Keyword them, and send them to several storage systems at the same time.


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