You Have A Lot Of Camera To Grow Into But In The End It Is Well Worth The Effort To Learn

Camera manufacturers are not stupid.  Perhaps they are a bit over zealous at times concerning “features” but they are simply being competitive by offering what others have not offered or somewhat copying what others have already done.

But the majority of cameras in the Dslr category or mirrorless category, or all in one category, provide very essential modes for different levels of photographers.

1-Fully programmed mode
2-Aperture Priority
3-Shutter Priority

While program mode allows the camera to make the best guess and normally provide a good image, it is not the best mode to come up with a superb picture.

If manufacturers thought that the answer to creative photography was by shooting in the programmed or automatic mode then they would not have provided 3 other methods to control the look of your images.  Think about that.

Metering modes have the same concerns.  Most cameras today have:

1-Multi Segmented metering
2-Center Weighted metering
3-Spot metering

3 meters that read the light differently than the default meter which is the Multi Segmented Meter.  Each metering type is designed to read light in different concentrations.  An example is the spot meter which uses only the center 1 to 4 percent of the viewfinder to read the light.

Again, if the camera manufacturers thought that the Multi Segmented Metering mode was heaven sent then why would they offer 2 additional meters for you to use.  Think about that too.

And finally there is electronic flash.  Most camera companies have employed some form of automation which allows for “perfect” flash exposure.  The flashes utilize the metering system of the cameras to balance ambient light together with flash light.  It has a pretty good track record especially when you consider that most people understand flash to begin with.  That is not a derogatory statement.  It is simply fact.  Even some pro photographers are not comfortable with flash photography.

While camera system flash photography gives excellent results the majority of the time, it does not take the place of using flash creatively in manual control versus TTL (through the lens) automatic flash.  Controlling the amount of flash manually along with manual control of your camera will provide an abundance of wonderful images for you.

It really boils down to what your desires are when it comes to photography.  If you want to be a point and shooter and not go beyond the totally automatic way of shooting by all means go for it.

If however you want results that will knock people who view your work of their chairs and couches then start taking the time to read and learn exactly what your gear is capable of.  If you are that person then I’ll be there to help you with your journey to absolutely outstanding images.

On my site I’ll be posting articles written by me as well as others and videos that will help you along they way to all of the above. (website)

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