The Wrong Number Was The Right Number

It is seven in the morning and about 15 minutes ago I got two calls each being a wrong number.  But it was meant to be and it is an example of when wrong is right.

In my living room are to glass sliding doors which enter on to a nice deck over looking a beautiful lake.  It is facing due east.

What made wrong so right was the sunrise.  The sky lit up a bright red and as it did it spread its color across the lake as if a ball of fire had fallen from the sky.  It was spectacular and too short lived.

So you are asking where is the picture, the image, the moment in time, the decisive moment.  It is burned into my eyes and stored in my mind.

Some might call that a missed opportunity to turn the scene into zeros and ones while others will understand that not all decisive moments are meant to be shared but to be looked upon in a peaceful, and stirring way.  To be enjoyed as one contemplates the world around us and all of its wonders.

I have shot more than my share of sunrises and sunsets over my 72 years, and each one was spectacular to frame and record and of course are their in digital numbers or prints for a long time to come to be pondered.

This one just caught me unprepared to record just another one and this time I was able to concentrate on how beautiful it was from start to finish as I sat on my deck with a cup of coffee, a chill in the air and a blanket across my shoulders.

Life is good is it not?

Good morning to all of you!  Including you who dialed the wrong number just at the right time.

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