say that some day I am going to invent a product for photography and make money.  It really isn’t going to happen.

Soft-release buttons allow you capture photos by helping to eliminate camera shake because of small difficult to press and th-1sometimes find shutter release button.  This is accomplished by   by reducing the amount of pressure that has to be applied to fire the camera. Up until now the only cameras that could use a soft release button were the kind that had a screw thread inbedded in the shutter release button.  This same thread is also for screwing in cable releases which are not the most efficient way to fire a camera.  Today we use electronic or remote releases.

Lolumina is a new soft-release button that is compatible with any non-threaded shutter button

There is another release cover called ProDot, but it does not offer the additional height that helps to make a soft release work comfortably.  It’s kind of like putting a non slip lining in a kitchen draw.

Instead of being like a simple textured pad that can peel off the Lolumina is a more practical solution with interchangeable different colored buttons as well as offering concave and convex solutions.

The company’s solution is a two piece system that includes a mount and a button. The mounting base is constructed out of stainless steel, comes in curved and flat styles to accommodate different buttons, and uses strong 3M adhesive to stay attached.

Even for a chubby fingered not to delicate person like me, the lolumina_home_xt1_crinstallation was a breeze.  I mean simple and easy.  And of course this is my most favorite camera and lens.

This is a quote from the designers web site.  These are not available in stores as far as I know, but I do know that when they ship I generally have product in hand within 2 to 3 business days.

“How can something so small, help so much with the capturing of images? Because of the larger surface area of the shutter-release button, there’s less pressure to push it. Your ability to capture an image with a softer touch leads to a steadier camera. Which is especially crucial in low-light situations. Where every little bit of shake is magnified, and the desire for sharp images is ideal.”

The button itself comes in a multitude of colors and is made from solid rod of aerospace-grade aluminum. New shapes and styles are also on the way.

Check this guy out. Push right here for more information and ordering.  By the way, not at all expensive.



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