Pete Bridgwood

Pete penned this article in 2014 but I only just came across it thanks to Fuji forum member on` DPreview.

Adobe Lightroom 5.0 which is an excellent piece of software has had issues with Fuji’s Xtrans sensor output because of the sensor detour from the standard Bayer Pattern.  Because of that many Fuji X photographers have sought out other software like Capture1, Irident developer, PhotoNinja, and several others.

Pete seems to have come up with a rather simple set of presets that really work quite well.  They are superb starting points and in some cases a total solution.

If you are a Fuji X shooter and have been frustrated by having to use more than one program to achieve the results you want then his could be very helpful for you.

Good luck.  Let me know how it works out for you in the comments section.  I would be curious how you felt the images worked.  Read his whole article.



  1. I’ve been using Pete’s techniques since shortly after I got my X-T1. Worked well so far, though I have not processed too many of my X-T1 files (way, way behind).

    I tried most of the other RAW converters, and the only one I liked was Capture One 8. I’ve used that a bit, too, but I’m not nearly as proficient as with Lightroom.

    1. I am also better with Lightroom than some of the others which continues to keep me tuned to it. I am disappointed that Adobe has not done a real full upgrade or done the promised constant upgrades in their CC operation. A friend of mine who teaches Lightroom has told me that Photoshop raw processing engine has been nicely updated, but no move has been made for Lightroom and is not planned for Lightroom 6.0 which is way behind on introduction.

      Pete’s formulas are very good. It may be just me but I found them to be a bit noisy at the higher end but that may just be me.

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