Have you ever heard that guys don’t like to ask for directions? HOW TO FIX NIK PLUGIN CRASHES IS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT

For months I gave up on Nik plugins for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop because a couple of really essential ones, (like Viveza) would come up with a window full of gobbly gook that made no sense to me.  Can you yell frustration.

Well I had written a blog about MacPhun Plugins just based on general usage and happen to mention my plight with NIK.  I had a virtual immediate response from Google (Owners of Nik) and they actually came up with several resolutions one of which worked wonderfully.

Well sometimes all one has to ask the folks who are responsible for the software the right question.  BELOW IS THE RIGHT ANSWER which I copy pasted from the email they sent me.

Mac OS X is very sensitive with regards to duplicate copies of fonts. All of the Nik Collection plug-ins utilize Arial fonts. If you are experiencing otherwise unexplainable crashes or iservlet.ImageServer?id=01580000001S9cI&oid=00D80000000bfZy&lastMod=1306961877000ssues with the Nik Collection products, removing all copies of the Arial fonts then replacing them with a new set should correct the issue as described.
Navigate to your Applications folder and open your Font Book as seen below.

Select all Arial fonts that are listed and move them to the Trash then empty it. Note: it is important to empty the Trash. If they are servlet.ImageServer?id=01580000000y7ao&oid=00D80000000bfZyin any other place on your hard drive, the Font Book will still load them.

Please open the link below. On the web page press Cmd + S on your keyboard to save the Drive contents in a zip file.


Open the zip file and move the files to a folder on your Desktop.
In a Finder window, navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts
Move all of the fonts from the Desktop to the Fonts folder.
Restart your system to apply the changes.

*For any copy/paste step, you may alternately type in the command. Copy/paste has simply been suggested for ease of execution.

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