In the —NIK— of time – I got the image finished

I’ve been doing short little blogs about finalizing an image with the understanding that, for the professional and the enthusiast, the image that goes from the camera to the computer in a RAW format, is not a finished product until it is further processed in software specifically designed to work on RAW files.

As I have written recently there are companies out there that make software that work within some of these RAW processors that give one a great starting point to enhance an image beyond what the software can do on its own.  These are called plug ins.

One of those companies that I wrote about is MacPhun who has been around for a few years.  But the king of the hill when it comes to these plug ins is NIK.  Simple name, for easy to use software when one wants to handle complex image variations.

There was a time that I can remember and track back to when I spent over $500.00 for a full set of NIK plug ins, but a couple of years ago Google bought NIK and of course all the rights to their software plug ins.  The whole set of plug ins now costs $150.00.  That is an incredibly low price for plug ins that will elevate the look of your images.

NIK has a great set of tutorials which really tell you and teach you how to use the Nik programs.  The primary programs that use Nik Plug ins are Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photo Elements, Adobe Photo Shop, Apple Aperture (now discontinued).  I am not sure if there are any others, but these are the primary ones.

My workflow=Irident Raw Developer (Mac Only & because  I process Fuji xtrans files) + Lightroom 5.0 (6.0 is coming) + Nik Plug ins.  Nik is not the only plug ins I use, but they are used most often and at $150.00 they are a great deal.


7 thoughts on “In the —NIK— of time – I got the image finished

    1. ELLIOT STERN Post author

      The sensor in most Fuji cameras is not the normal Aps sensor. It has a special design which capable of a great deal of detail and programs like Lightroom which do a great job seems to have a problem with extracting detail, especially with landscapes.

      One of the best and inexpensive programs that provides perfect sharpening out of the box for Fuji Files, for Mac computers works quite well with Lightroom as an external editior. Another program that is handling the detail very well but expensive is Capture One version 8.0 + it too works as an external editor for capture one. The image travels to the external editor as a tiff file 16 bit and when done it gets sent back to Lightroom where you can use any plugins you desire.


    2. ELLIOT STERN Post author

      As far as the Nik plugins or any other plugins you might have or not have, it is not necessary to have them to properly process a Fuji Raw file. They are enhancements which are designed to change the overall look of your images or to make tonal corrections or do black and white with a head start or even go crazy and create your own visions.



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