Microsoft announces Surface 3 tablet running full Windows: Connect


Personal Observations 03/15/2015

I like good hardware concepts where innovation takes the lead for the benefit of users.

I have been an Apple / Macintosh user for a great many years.  More years than I like to admit.  There was a small period when I was corporately bullied in to using Windows “whatever” but still held on to my Mac machines.

That said, after reading about the new full Windows tablet and of course their regular portables, I could easily be swayed.

Years ago if one made a decision to switch they also had to pony up to buy all new software for the Windows platform and every so often the prime software manufacturers offered a switch over deal that was sort of okay.

Today that is no longer the case for some of us.  Software is in the air, the cloud, the cosmos.  Adobe, Microsoft, and a few others have made it easy.  Just switch systems and move your software. Click on the link.

Many people are on fixed incomes today.  That means that making a decision to by a piece of gear, in this case a new computer takes a lot of thought.  If a Mac is going to cost you 2300.00 but a similarly equipped PC portable or tablet is going to be considerably less but with even more function I would choose the windows machine today.  This is the case even though I am one of the crazed Mac user loving it and enjoying it.  But for what could be half the price to get my work done it would be an easy decision for me to make.

What I find interesting in this announcement is one of the things that many of us have missed on tablets.  Usb 3.0 connector standard, and a regular monitor hook up and that is just some of the major differences from one manufacturer to another.

We shall all defend our camera choices and computer choices.  It will always boil down to what works best for the user and how much money one is ready to spend on feature to feature and benefit to benefit.

Microsoft announces Surface 3 tablet running full Windows: Connect.


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