The Search Just Could Have Ended -My Find – THE LUMA LOOP 3

Straps and the quest for having a camera at the ready is every photographers dream.  As a matter of fact,finding just the right strap is almost as daunting as finding the right camera bag.  We all know what that is like.

I know that somewhere in the basement with my 50 some odd camera bags is a box full of straps from all of my 33 years with Nikon to the present.  I bet there are at least 100 straps in that box all mangled and twisted together, but more than likely none that fulfilled the quest.

Enter stage right.  The LUMA LOOP 3.

I remember when this one man company and manufacturing IMG_0145shop (Probably In A Basement) introduced his first loop and drew the rath of a company with a similar product (I’ll Call Them The GREEN SPEEDY STRAP) because of “Patent Issues.”

home-in-line-image-4But now a new and updated Luma Loop 3 is here and I have been testing it for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is that life is good.

The adjusters are really fluid in there movement to make the strap buckleshorter or longer.  Bringing the carbon adjusters to a short position puts the Loop close to your body to prevent swinging and easily adjust to the longer shooting lengths (depending on your size) very quickly for instant camera operation.

The locking mechanism BIG KNOB AND SLIDER screws into the detail-squarebottom of the camera and is the most secure of this type of strap I have found.  The nice part of the big knob is how easy it is to grip for putting on and off the camera.  As an example when wanting to mount to a monopod or tripod.

Of course what the hell good would this strap be if it wasn’t overshouldercomfortable.  Let me tell you.  THIS STRAP IS DESIGNED FOR HUMAN BEINGS NO MATTER HOW THEY ARE BUILT.

it has this wonderful embossed1 leather pad with a great gripping surface. home-in-line-image-1 It just hugs your body.  The hardware is incredible and strong like it should be.  Having a relationship with this comfort level is highly possible.

It is by far the best made and most comfortable sling strap I have ever used and I have used pretty much everyone of them.











foot note #1  I said the leather pad which is so comfortable is “embossed.”  No No it is LASER ENGRAVED:fjfKEJ2  This is the thingy that does it.

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