CDC – Preventing Tick Bites – Ticks

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This is the season once again where we must be aware at all time that ticks are going to ravel with us and our gear.  Here is an article and sub articles from the CDC that you should find helpful in 2014.




CDC – Preventing Tick Bites – Ticks.


And here is an addendum from my close friend and cousin Joel who spent years in the veterinarian business.

“Joel Stern Wear long pants and LS shirts if possible. Tuck pants into socks. Spray clothing with a permethrin spray (one’s for dog use are fine). Permethrin is a repellent and works great. This is primarily for ticks. If you find a tick on you (specifically a deer tick, these spread Lyme disease), get it off soon. Veterinarians know far more about Lyme disease than MD’s. A few studies, one out of Yale, suggest taking 1 or 2 doses (1-2 days treatment) of doxicyclone if you can within a day or so of finding the tick, problem will be to get your MD to prescribe this. Good luck.

I sold tick and flea products for years and have studied much on the subject.”

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