Some Times It’s The little things That Can Make A Real Difference –UPDATED APRIL 8 2015


I think by now most people who have taken our workshops as well as those who have known me over the years realize that my collection of accessories is virtually unlimited.  Not complete by any means but vast enough that the collection has helped me help others make decisions on the right equipment for the right job.

I have written about tripods, monopods, table top mounts and pretty much anything you can mount a camera on to make it more stable.

I have also been known to make the statement, which was more than likely someone else’ statement before I made it.  “The right tool for the job at hand.”  I have also written that with all the tripods I own there is a selection of heavy duty types and travel types.  Heavy duty for bigger larger cameras and lenses and for all cameras and lenses that find themselves in very windy, snowy, rainy work places.  But when I am out for the day, I have several travel types that I can choose from.  One is the Gitzo Traveler.  (Exceptionally big bucks here).   Is it worth the money.  Yes if you can afford it.  There are so many NEW BRANDS OF TRIPODS AND MONOPODS  that the only way you can find out what is perfect for you is to go to your local camera store and get yourself fitted

Brands I would not look at:



Brands you want to look at:

There are many more, Just search

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One thought on “Some Times It’s The little things That Can Make A Real Difference –UPDATED APRIL 8 2015

  1. Good blog Eliott and thanks for the link. I think the lack of seals is a drawback. As the amount of gear increases trying to keep track of what is sealed and what is not becomes increasingly difficult (directly proportional to remembering what to bring in my case). So I am trying to move to keeping things sealed or at least tight.


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