THE LUMA CINCH – it is a cinch that once you try it you will also fall in love with it

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Luma Loop 3 and that article can be found here.

The Cinch strap is not a loop and does not have to attach to the bottom of a camera body like the Loop 3, but it can if you so choose.  But this is more of a conventional camera strap that is so comfortable that no matter how you wear it, either across chest, on a shoulder, or around your neck you will never want to take it off.   Its pad combined with he other excellent materials make for a durable workhorse and it will be the last strap you may ever want to buy.

It uses dual adjusters so that you can quickly change the size of the strap to fit your needs.

IMG_6323_thumb-1 IMG_6323_thumb IMG_6405_thumb IMG_6237_thumb IMG_6292_thumb IMG_6344_thumb cinch-square_grande_646116c6-5b49-442a-98df-5147787539d8 IMG_6213_thumb IMG_6190_thumb IMG_6206_thumb

Learn more right here

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