I have had at least 150 private emails about this great product.  I have written a lot of articles on things I like and don’t like, but in this instance I have found a very quick working camera at the ready solution as well as a very protective solution against rain, snow, as well as dust and dirt.  Of course let’s not forget pollen.  After all it is Spring in America.

I have also written in the past about the terrific Peak Design and Spyder Holster and there is no doubt that these are also exceptional products.  Both of these systems are great for larger cameras and lenses and do a great job in keeping cameras ready.

The problem however is that the gear is always exposed to the elements.  A sudden storm, a sun shower which is simply a cloud burst in nice weather, moving through the woods, the streets, the gear is always exposed.  They have solutions which is an extra rain cover, but they will not work as fast as the Cosyspeed case and accessory cases.

So yes, the Peak and Spyder have great systems with limitations.  It may only be me 🙂 but having to slip the camera into a small target slot while on the run can be challenging.  Simply dropping my mirrorless into a Cosy is instantaneous security.

If you are using a compact camera system like Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic or Sony or even a “small” Dslr then it will be worth your time to look at all of these videos.

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