Learning is key to our success and this article educates and inspires – Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Review

It is very rare that I write about Leica because while I have lusted for one since I was in my teens, it was for the most part an unreachable goal.  When I was younger I could not afford it and when I was older and could afford it I was working for Nikon Inc so I felt it would have been unethical.  Not that Nikon was or is a bad product.  It was and is a great product.  But quite simply, it was and is not a Leica.

For the most part, Leica has stayed true to its course and has continued to produce what I consider to be one of the highest quality and functional camera systems ever made.

So I went past my low income years, to my high income years and now have settled into my fixed income years at the age of 72 and have settled on and absolutely love my Fuji X system which in some ways emulates the Leica but still is not a Leica.  That said the Fuji X is one  of the finest cameras and lenses I have ever used.  Ever used.

Okay, back on course.  Joe Lee, a close and dear friend of mine was kind enough to send me a review of the new Leica Monochrome camera 246.  From this article I have learned quite a bit as to why a mono camera (digital) is better than a non mono camera (digital), and have been inspired by the work of the reviewer in what is a long but valuable article.  I have learned also, that post processing color to black and white is not the same as shooting with a Leica Monochrome camera.  I have learned a lot.

So thank you Joe Lee and when might I see one of these in your arsenal of photographic equipment?


One thought on “Learning is key to our success and this article educates and inspires – Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Review

  1. adambonn

    Not that Leica will care! But I have 2 aversions to the M246…

    Price 😉
    Base ISO of 320 (combined with a max shutter of 1/4000), I mean you’d practically need a 2 stop ND to shoot in daylight!



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