2 thoughts on “Video Overview: Leica Q: Digital Photography Review-If I only had the money

  1. Joseph Swick

    I am on the way to New York for a weekend with my son and grandson. Father’s Day together, but I am buying all the theater tickets.

    I will get off the train at 1 and dash over to B&H to see the Leica Q. Before they close at 2 PM. I expect they will have one and a waiting list.

    Alternatively I will run over to the Leica Store in SoHo which is open Friday & Saturday and see what they say.

    I have been following all the reviews I really look forward to the next generation sensor and full frame.

    I have been really impressed with the ergonomics of the Leica X. Dials, menus, overall handling. I got the EVF. I like it. I just have to live with the style interruption. It’s a bit like the Panasonic EVFs. The Q really solves that problem with the built in EVF.

    Question/opinion. Is it OK to get early production run cameras. Or is it better to wait until they do some firmware or system refinements. Are all the standards met by Leica throughout the production process.

    I was an early Adopter for the MacBook Air. I bought it the first weekend in San Francisco on my way to Hong Kong in 2008. However, it died 2 months later while on an excursion to Israel.

    Apple fixed it and it was fine. However I saw later they amended the production run with the HD. Could not put an SSD in the early production model (PATA connection). They later changed to (SATA) which would accept an SSD. My only option was to upgrade again.

    Leica Q sighting and report to follow.

    _____________ Joe Swick Kingfisher Systems 703-402-0995



    1. ELLIOT STERN Post author

      I have been a first adopter on many Apple products and have never really had a failure based on that. When it comes to cameras, with the exception of a bad sensor being inserted in the camera which has happened to both Nikon and Canon mass production products, I have not seen a lot of problems in modern cameras. As a matter of fact I see less today than I did 40 years ago. I mean pressure plates used to be misaligned, gears were broken, viewfinders were off center, mount screws would unscrew, and many other issues. So I trust products out of the box than many years ago.

      When it comes to Leica, while I have not owned one, but knowing the company history, it is rare that there would be a quality issue in production and I firmly believe that their quality control is probably the some best in the industry. If I could justify this item based on what I already own then I would do my ultimate best to pick one up today. The only other company that I trust this way is Fuji, but not as much as Leica.

      Because we live in the electronics age of computer chips, etc. it is more the norm to expect firmware upgrades to come for almost any camera in the market. The best at this so far has been Fuji but it has not to correct problems but to add to the cameras functionality. They have been the best at this and it would behove other camera companies to follow suit.



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