Saying Good Bye – Luminous Landscape

Saying good bye written by Keven at Luminous Landscape, in many ways says what a lot of photographers at the pro level have already done and why.

special-3I am close to a person in my life and she refuses to give up her Nikon Cameras and incredible zoom lenses even though the package she carries must weigh twenty-five pounds or more.  We each have our reasons but is not for me to question why anyone wants to schlep that load when ever they are going to shoot pictures.

I became mirrorless right at the beginning of the revolution and never looked back.  I took the chance, moved all of my Nikon gear on to another and instantly lightened my load.  It was too late to save my back, but it made every trip out more comfortable.

I started with Olympus and Panasonic Micro Four Thirds and eventually moved on to the Fuji X system where I am today.

My very close friend also bought Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji X.  He still owns the Fuji X but has also now entered the Sony system with the A7II and he loves it.  It is the first full frame mirrorless camera.

While he is not the person I mentioned earlier he too cannot part with his Nikon gear because he is terribly conflicted.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and move on to smaller and lighter.  I am glad he kept his Fuji XT1 and lenses, and I am happy that when he want’s to shoot full frame mirrorless he has his Sony and I know that if he trades in his Nikon gear he can by a crap load of high quality Sony Glass as it becomes available.  🙂


Saying Good Bye – Luminous Landscape.

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