The Perfect Strap Snaps On To A Small Camera When You Need It And Off When It Is In The Way

I have been a fan of Peak Design since their first Kickstarter program and for the most part they have never disappointed me.  The are a small innovative company run by some very super young folks and have concentrated their efforts on making photographic products that make the lives of photographers a lot easier.

They have now introduced for August delivery a smaller Slide camera strap that is going to be super for both Mirrorless and Small Dslr cameras.  They have been very SlideLITE_Image2successful with thousands of happy users with their Larger slide for bigger cameras and now they are approaching small camera users as well.

Here is the story in their words-

Finally, a camera strap designed specifically for mirrorless cameras. SlideLITE™ contains all the revolutionary features of Slide™, but in a slimmed‐down 1.25 inch(3.2 cm) wide strap, ideal for carrying mirrorless interchangeable lens Studio2cameras. Anchor Link connectors let you wear SlideLITE as a sling, neck
or shoulder strap, and aluminum quick‐adjusters let you change strap length on the fly.

● Slimmed‐down webbing ideal for carrying compact/mirrorless cameras
● Converts to sling, neck or shoulder strap
● Camera stays positioned any way you like it without twisting
● Silicone grip on top of webbing allows you flip strap over for non‐slip stability
● Ultralight strap packs down to fit in your pocket or bag
● Attach, remove, and reconfigure with easeSlideLITE_Image1
● Includes ARCA‐type quick‐release plate for tripod compatibility
● Durable seatbelt‐style webbing with lifetime guarantee



This video describes the orignal release strap, but it tells the story of how easy the straps from Peak Design.  It is an older video for a Kickstarter program.  This new strap is not a kick starter program.


  1. Ronald Dickey July 9, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I use the Nite Ise SS key rack. the small clips have a locking devise and are just the right size for my oly pen , sony 6000 etc using the original strap , the large one that comes with the set i use for keys , from amazon


    On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 3:45 PM, ELLIOT PAUL STERN-PHOTOGRAPHER


    1. Hi Ronald,
      I have used these in the past on a play with basis and found that they scratched the camera surface and also had trouble getting out of my way. It always boils down to what works best for the individual. I prefer the quality and durability of the Peak Design products as well as there true photographer design. Yes, you pay a bit more but that works out in the end. After all your Sony camera was not cheap.


  2. Streetshooter July 8, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    I usually don’t go for this type of thing. I am a nut so I ordered it and got the Leash and the Cuff. I must admit, I was about to dump it in the no-use drawer but gave it a shot. Best thing I ever did. I got extra attachment things and now I can use any camera with the leash and cuff.
    1 strap, 1 wrist strap, all good.

    (A trick It’s made very tight. So to get the string thru the eyelet on the camera, put a little dish soap on the end of the string, then use a piece of fishing line and put it thru the eyelet, pull the line and the string comes thru..)
    Much better then using a ring.


    1. I like the idea of removing the O ring. As soon as I find some fishing line I am going to give it a try. You always think beyond.


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