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We come in all shapes and sizes and each and every one of us are unique.  As photographers there is one thing that unites us and that is capturing the perfect image, by being in the right place at the right time no matter when.  Rain, winds, blowing sands, crashing waves, the worst of the worst moments and the best of the best, we want to capture the perfect image.  In order to do that you have to be a minimalist in some ways and you must have your camera not only protected but always ready.  Please read on.

So what holds us back?  Why are we not ready for that “DECISIVE MOMENT?”

I have my own theories.  Of course I do.  I always do. 🙂

It all goes back to our gear acquisition syndrome.  In this day and age this disorder also known as G.A.S. has become quite well-known throughout the photo industry even though it started in the music industry and of course the primary benefactors are the camera and accessory manufacturers.  Hurray for them.  Capitalism works.

The problem is having too much gear, too much weight to carry, to big a bag or backpack, too big a tripod if you use one and the list can go on and on.  I mean how many lenses do you really need?  How many camera bodies are you really going to use?  Since the age of Dslr cameras this has become a haunting question and a medical problem to boot because of all the back and knee and neck problems caused by not being able to leave home even the smallest accessory that will never leave your camera bag, like most of your lenses or that second camera body.  This can also be called the JUST IN CASE I NEED IT.  A psychological issue.  There is a great article about this called GEAR AVOIDANCE SYNDROME that is very well written and accurate.

If you can master the Gear Avoidance syndrome you will be better off.  I have a limited selection of gear today that fills all my needs.  I own a Fuji XT-1, a 23mm 1.4(34.5) mm, a 56 1.2(84)mm, and a 14 2.8(21)mm.  If the time should come that I need something else I’ll rent it which for a rarely used body or lens it comes out a lot less expensive than owning.

If you think I am nuts and maybe there is some truth there, then read this article that was published today in the INSPIRED EYE news letter.  It is called CONFESSIONS OF AN EX GEAR ADDICT who suffered from G.A.S.

So where is all this going?  I have been on this trolley car before but when I feel so strongly about something I just have to make sure you understand the the photography device that get you to that ‘DECISIVE MOMENT.”  That device is the Cosyspeed Camslinger products.  The link below tells you about all the features and benefits as to why you must own this minimal carry system.  It is going to save your back, your neck and your knees.  You are going to have the flexibility to rapidly capture the moments in your lives while still protecting your precious gear.

Check this out below


and here 




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