Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 – One Awesome Family Photography Travel Bag – DIY Photography

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I have been writing about this bag for months.  A lot.  But there are good reasons as to why.  In the past few years I have strived to become a minimalist when it comes to owning and carrying camera gear.  I have gotten rid of tons of camera bags, old accessories and gear that I have not even unboxed from move to move and that would be moves starting in  the 1970’s to the present.

I wanted to be able to carry as little as possible and still accomplish the type of photography I like to do which would include landscape, street and macro.  The question was what kind of method could I use to carry what I needed without over stressing and already stressed muscle and skeletal system (mine).

Out of the blue came Cosyspeed.  A simple yet functional and elegant way to carry a camera with lens mounted and an extra lens with a couple of batteries and cards.

It is the first time I can remember having a camera in a bag that safely carried my camera and yet made me feel like it was not there.  Comfort and balance supreme while hiking, walking the streets, bending down for the perfect macro shot, sitting in a Starbucks having a daily brew.  It was there but it was not.  That is how smartly Cosyspeed figured out the balance.

The article below is from another photographers take and really explains in detail the impression he got when using this carry option.

Elliot Stern


I think I found my new family photography travel bag. Oh, you know what this is, even if you’ve never heard that term before. It’s that bag that you use to carry a camera when you are traveling with the family. And this bag has to be special for several reasons which I’ll outline below. […]

Source: Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 – One Awesome Family Photography Travel Bag – DIY Photography

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