Photography: An Eightfold Path Toward Self-Discovery – Luminous Landscape

Terrific Article and insight to one’s self


“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – RUMI True photography, as a creative medium meant to express (and only rarely just to impress) requires a lifetime of dedication, practice and patience. In an age of ready access to all kinds of photo gear, from low end to high, and near [Read More]

Source: Photography: An Eightfold Path Toward Self-Discovery – Luminous Landscape



1 thought on “Photography: An Eightfold Path Toward Self-Discovery – Luminous Landscape”

  1. I read this several time trying to figure out where I am and trying to be objective as well. So I would say 3 – 5.I can’t really put a good portfolio together but i do look for more then just another goodshot. I still take a lot of pictures. I took almost 1,000 over two weeks in New England trying to capture something. Different things on different day at different times. It was a multi themed trip. The coast was the feature theme. Coastal living and towns. Light houses, harbors, interesting buildings, boats and piers. I looked for wild life and did have a deer provide model services. Then there is the rocky coast line as well. Wave action, constant tidal motion, and the ever present seagull. Maybe I can put a New England portfolios together in a few weeks.

    It was an interesting article.

    On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 5:00 PM, ELLIOT PAUL STERN-PHOTOGRAPHER

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