You Have Finally Decided What Your Next Lens Will Be. Now What’s Next?

You Have Finally Decided What Your Next Lens Will Be.  Now What’s Next?

I am pretty sure I know what the next step will be.  It is going to be long and tedious and there is a possibility that the long stressful hours into the night will cause some form of pathological (my new favorite word) disorder.

Of course I am going to go down history lane and say “in the good ol’ days” my next step would be to walk or drive  or take a train or maybe a bus, maybe both to my brick and mortar camera store maybe after reading a review in a magazine.

But being this is not many yesterdays but today, I know that the first place you are going to go is Google or some other lesser search engine and find 60 reviews of the lens you are thinking about.  Here you may have an opportunity to read some biased and unbiased opinions, look at performance charts that mean nothing to you or the reviewer, while said reviewer will tell you at the end how great the lens is or is not but compared to his Leica Summicron which costs ten thousand dollars this lens is a piece of crap.

The internet can be a wonderful source of information or a bottomless cesspool of uneducated bloggers with very smelly misinformation.  The best way to figure out if your chosen lens desire is going to perform the way you want it to is go to a camera store, try it, buy it, take it home and try it again, go shoot and make great images.  Do not fret over your purchase, don’t surf the blogs for useless information, go shoot stuff.

Do not look for opinions on  argumentative forums or from self ordained gurus.  Just go shoot.  If you don’t read misleading “shitty” reviews then you will not have to fuss over bull crap written by less knowledgeable people than yourself and you will be amazed at how great your images look.

While I love the internet and I do read reviews, I am always amazed how many forums have very fine folks  for the most part, who spend more time testing their gear than actually using for what the bought it for.  They look for the tiniest flaw and then report to all of us how bad the product is.  Test less, get the hell out of the house and make pictures with your new lens, camera, filter, etc.

And most of all support what is left of the brick and mortar real camera store.  Not a Best Buys, Target or Walmart.  A real and totally dedicated camera store.  You will be better off for doing that.

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