Reaching High For The Peak



I am writing about this company because they really have climbed to the highest peaks to provide the best carry systems available today and because their customer service is out standing and my support for them has been through their Kickstarter programs

I am writing this article today, before Christmas to bring you up to date for one of my favorite products, a product that has made life a lot easier for me photographically as well as many others when it comes to being able to have almost all of your gear right at your finger tips.

I started with Peak Design when they launched their first Kickstarter a few years ago and have stayed with them and the products they continue to develop on behalf of photographers everywhere.

The quality and functionality and the thought process that has gone and continues to go into their designs and manufacture continues you to amaze me in an industry that has shown a decline in accessory quality and development and where too many products are simply me too kind differently painted to look like something new.

First off, all of their products make great holiday gifts either as stocking stuffers or under the tree and on the mantel.


First there is the camera clip.  This little device can  either be worn on a belt, a back pack strap a camera bag strap.  It uses an Arca Swiss or Manfrotto mounting place which goes on the bottom of your camera and can then allow your camera no matter what size to slide in and out for quick access on the streets, or keeping your hands free while hiking through through natures best offerings.

cp2-4 cp2-hero    travel-hero_1


Then there are their rapid adjusting straps called the SlidesThey can be used either across the chest or over the shoulder and utilize the best quick release system I have ever used. The larger slide for full size Dslr cameras comes in several different colors.  For cameras like compact system (mirrorless) offerings the same design strap but half the width works well and it is only available in black at this time.  After trying dozens and dozens of straps I can only say these are the most versatile and well made and are always ready to attach to the quick release anchors.  

To go along with these wonderful straps is the CUFF, an adjustable wrist strap using the same quick release system of course.












This next product is not available yet but it makes full use of the clip system and now you can not only carry your camera hands free but a couple of lenses as well.  It is Peak Designs Lens Kit which allows you to carry two lenses besides the one on the body.  It utilizes the clip system noted above and can be worn once again on your pants belt, camera strap, back pack strap, camera bag strap.  Years ago photographers would glue two rear caps together and carry lenses that way and unfortunately glue back then just did not do the job.  This lens kit is now the fastest way to access your lenses and keep them safe.  For those of you who are not using Sony, Canon or Nikon please do not fret.  You can buy Nikon and Canon to Fuji, Olympus and probably all other mounts for a minimal cost and use the lens kit that way.  Everyone wins.


lc-hero lc-6lc-2lc-7





And finally there is this crazy, exceptional camera bag or as they call it the everyday messenger bag.

I have to admit that I have only had five minutes with this bag but it took less than that to be fully impressed by the design and comfort the bag provides.  But I think I’ll let the two videos speak for themselves.  Eventually I shall post a full review.


bs-big-17 bs-big-16_1 bs-big-13_1 bs-big-1_1 bs-big-12_1 bp-1_1


Peak Design Products Are Available From WWW.EPHOTOCRAFT.COM

And they are located in Burke Va.



The Peak Design Web Site is here:                 WWW.PEAKDESIGN.COM







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