The little bag that could – An Accessory You Should Not Go Without

The history of Peak Design has been all about photographers and the needs of photographers and have produced products that one by one have built into an overall system where each product is designed to work seamlessly with all the other products and all of these products have been unique designs and are here to make photographers have better and faster accessibility to their equipment.

Recently a new concept camera bag / messenger bag called the EVERY DAY MESSENGER was announced.  I made note in an article a few days ago that my five minutes with the not yet delivered bag was enough to tell me how right they got it and that I would review the bag when I got hands on.

But little mention has been given to the “FIELD POUCH.” I got hold of one last night and I am completely blown away at just how much this bag can hold, how easy it is to carry in a variety of ways, and just how well it plays with the entire Peak Design line of products.

In general the video below shows you all about the design and purposes

Last night I began loading up this very deceiving pouch and by the time I was done it had the following in side it:

23mm 1.4
2 batteries
2 memory cards
4 lens cleans
1 small flash
1 leatherman juice knife

1 Arca wrench


_DSF0940 _DSF0938


Overall What It Can Hold-

The Field Pouch appears to be small but has a terrific expanding design. It’s great for cable releases,  batteries, drives, and will hold a couple of mirrorless lenses and maybe a camera depending on the make.  You can put it in your  camera bag, wear it on your belt or attach any Peak Design strap to turn The Field Pouch into an ultralight expandable sling bag   It has an expandable roll-top design with an extended velcro closure. It has a beautiful finished waxed outer shell and felt lining padding, The Field Pouch can safely hold and organize your photo gear that you travel with.   To talk about how well thought out the Field Pouch is a provision to hold the Capture quick release system which allows fast access to your camera and lens is provided on the front of the bag (watch the Video).


What Makes This Bag So Good?

  • Four internal stretchable pockets
  • Organize items of all sizes
  • Anchor Link attachment points so you can use it with Peak Design straps
  • Zippered pocket to keep batteries and memory cards and car keys safe
  • Double velcro closure which allows for a large range of expansion
  • Belt loops on the back so the Field Pouch can be threaded on to the belt of your choice
  • Attachment point for any Capture Camera Clip
  • Weather resistant

As a stand-alone this is a highly versatile day and travel bag for those like me who like to travel light but complete.  Peak Design’s accessories, the leash, cuff, sling, capture, and capture lens clip all work seamlessly with the Field Pouch.




If you’re not using the anchor links, you can tuck them inside the Hypalon to hide them. And when you need to use them, just pull them out.

Anchor Link –  peak-anchor-4pk-l  bp-2tan

It comes in two colors: Charcoal or Heritage Tan.


Looking Insidebp-5

This is the view of the interior looking in. Towards the front are two pockets with a zipper enclosure. On the back side of it are four additional pockets; two of which are stretchy mesh pockets.


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