The Camera Strap – What is it? What do we want it to be? –

The Camera Strap – What is it?  What do we want it to be – It is a statement – It is function – It is comfort

I have lots of camera straps as well as camera bags.  Both straps and camera bags come in all price ranges.  The cost of some bags and straps can see  very expensive but in the long run you are getting what you pay for. A strap or a bag can and does serve as a style statement  but they should also do the job they are designed for no matter what they cost.  They are designed to hopefully carry your camera gear very comfortably and safely as well as giving quick access to what you need to work with. My favorite camera bags are Ona and Billingham.  They are not inexpensive but are worth the money you will spend on them.  I generally stick with my Ona bags beause of the way they are made and their terrific ability to work well in very inclement weather.  The are easy to work in and provide quick and solid opening and closing mechanisms.  They are pricey but you are only going to need to buy them once.

Finding comfortable and yet well made and functional camera straps can be a challenge.  There are just so many of them.  I find that my favorite camera straps are the Peak Design Slim Slide strap which allow for very rapid re adjustment of the length depending upon your shooting needs.  They are the fastest adjustable straps I have ever used and also have a terrific quick release system but at times the quick release can be tough due to the heavy spring load they use.

When possible I prefer leather straps.  The only problem is that too many of them come in single lengths, meaning not adjustable, are only finished on one side of the strap and have no quick release capability.  Very purist like, but not particularly user friendly. And usually if they have a neck pad it is pretty uncomfortable.

That is how it has been for a long time.  No longer is that the case.  I came across a strap made by 4V.  They are marketed in the United States by The Mac Group and sold at different camera stores.

  • The leather is beautifully finished.
  • Each strap comes with 2 different size quick releases.
  • Each strap is beautifully stitched.
  • Each Strap is fully size adjustable.
  • Leather that is soft enough to collapse nicely in my camera bag

The neck pad on each strap is of a special material which is leather on one side and a very comfortable and secure material on the other.  Their is virtually no way this is coming off the one shoulder carry method and yet is soft and comfy on the neck for body carry.

One other thing that I should really mention is just how responsive the folks at 4V are.  I have had every email responded to extremely fast.  Nice touch and important to me when I am making decisions.


It is not coming of my Fuji XT1 EVER.

The Camera Strap – What is it?  What do we want it to be – It is a statement – It is function – It is comfort and the 4v brand does it all so very well


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