How to Get Easy, Beautiful HDR in Lightroom!

siem graphic multi pre sets-A while back I wrote an article about getting it right in the camera before anything else. Post processing should hopefully be a tweaking process to get you to a better place in regards to your image so it becomes what you envisioned.

After watching the video about Gaven Siem’s HDR presets, which I wanted to share with you because it is good product but more so for his philosophy on what it means to process an image in Adobe Lightroom using presets as a starting place.

I also went back into other presets that were designed by him that are already on my computer, in Lightroom cc and decided to revisit an image I did the other day but this time using his presets.  Not the new HDR but some of his old one that I had strayed away from.  The difference between what I produced using his presets to begin the process was so much better than the plug ins I had used.

So I felt this would be a good time to reintroduce myself to his work and at the same time pass on his newest products.


This weeks tutorial video shows how you get amazing dynamic range on single files.

Source: How to Get Easy, Beautiful HDR in Lightroom!

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