A Beginners Guide to Light Modifiers

Lately, thanks to the cold weather I have been looking into a variety of speed light modifiers which change the shape of one’s light source to achieve different lighting effects.

In the process I have also been doing a lot of reading from a lot of different sources on techniques for using these modifiers and I came across this one this morning which seemed very educational.  I hope you enjoy it and get to try out some different lighting techniques in this cold weather and sometimes nasty weather.



Regardless of the light source you use (daylight, continuous or flash) it’s really easy to use light modifiers or shapers to train the light in any direction you want. ***A quick note about costs Every kind of light modifier will have a top of the line version and a really cheap version. The main difference […]

Source: A Beginners Guide to Light Modifiers


Two modifiers that I came across and really like are the following:



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