Neil Van Niekerk video clip – using the black foamie thing – Tangents

Keep It Simple is what I hve been advocating for a long time.  Well at least the last few years.  Over time I have found that I do not always follow my advice and of course that still boils down to

“do as I say not as I do.”

I dabble in a lot of things photographic and sometimes I have gone overboard in attempting to find just the right gear for a specific purpose.  Lighting with speed lights is one of those areas.  A couple of years ago I tried very hard to find just the right way to modify speed lights for portrait and close up photography (Two Very Different Things) and wound up with Gary Fong, Magnetmod, Rouge Flash Benders, Westcott and probably several more.  Now of course this was for indoor lighting with speed lights.

I think it is important for people to realize that carrying a speed light(flash) is essential.  The most important ingredient in all photographic adventures is light.  Without light, you have nothing.

I have heard too often, not only from others but even myself that

“I am an available light photographer.”

Well, there is no more 100 percent available light than speed light.  It provides light where there may be none or where a little boost will enhance an image, add drama, make it more pleasing.

Neil has broken this all down in his videos and they are worth taking a look at.



Source: video clip – using the black foamie thing – Tangents

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