So Many New Camera Models. So Many Upgrades. What To Do…

camera-question-mark-illustration-design-over-white-background-30042997This is the time of year that most manufacturers of cameras, lenses and accessories have launched their newest and greatest ever products.  Almost everything that is anything is now flying into the market place.

Reviews are everywhere, opinions on the forums are rampant even though no one on the forums has actually touched, seen, smelled, played with any of the new products.

Now comes your part.  What do you need?  When did you last buy a camera?  Does the camera produce incredible images like most digital cameras do?  Are you unhappy with your camera’s performance?  These are questions you should ask yourself before jumping into a new camera that more than likely has all the features you will ever need besides giving you wonderful image quality.

Now I am not saying don’t buy a new camera.  I am saying think about what you need most.  If the camera upgrade is going to really make a difference then go for it but if it won’t make that much difference or any in what you already can achieve then you have to think hard about choices.

I have rarely met a photographer who would not love a new, high speed prime or zoom lens for their cameras.  And accessories are always great to put into your camera bag.  How about an in house, spare bedroom or basement studio for portrait and table top photography.  I mean there are just so many areas to explore.

So before making any hard decisions think about what you really need and what it is you want to explore with your photography.  After all time is on your side, and there is just so much available to expand your horizons.



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