The naysayers can no longer scream from their big camera soapboxes that mirrorless cameras won’t last, that it is just the latest camera fad, that the mirrorless can never equal the Dslr and gorilla size lenses in quality or capability.

Okay. So they were full of crap.  Olympus, Panasonic (Micro 4/3), Fuji X, (APS-C) Sony FULL FRAME are here, growing, gathering larger audiences, built or are building incredible lens systems and are growing in sales every minute of every day.

Not only that but in many ways are already more technologically advanced over their fat cousins and being svelte – light weight, compact sure as hell doesn’t hurt. (by the way svelte is usually reserved to describe a person and not things, but I liked it so I used it for an object)

And because they are so much lighter and compact they are better for your physical health.  Of course I am not a doctor by any means but I am just sayin’ that less weight, more compact, less muscle and bone strain because not only is it better to carry but the bags being specially made for them are smaller and lighter as well.  Amazing how that all works out.

Being that I now need smaller bags means I have an opportunity to start my whole bag collection all over again. (Happy days for me, Sad days for me)

There are lots of shoulder bags (bags that hang off one shoulder or across the chest) as well as bags that can be worn around the waist no matter how much size you are.

So I have already written about the one that fits around the waist, but a down to earth, simple design for across the chest or off a shoulder is still the world belonging to Think Tank Photo.  I have used their bags for years, ever since they were first introduced and they were and still are designed to make a photographers life easy. 

They provide the best materials that are weather resistant, incredibly stitched, highly detailed and so damned user friendly.  The only thing that is out of their high level of quality control is how one decides what the right size is going to be for the users gear.  Only you and I can do that.

Because I am using the Fuji XT1 with prime lenses, I choose the Mirrorless Mover 25i which is small, compact and yet holds a day of shooting gear perfectly.mirrorless-mover-25i-2

I get the Fuji Xt1, 56mm 1.2, 35mm 2.0, 23mm 1.4 in the main compartment.  In the top flap there is a zipper compartment and I put cleaners and cloths in there along with a couple of filter adapter rings.  In the front zipper compartment I have four batteries, a card holder with several cards, a cable release, a hotshoe level.  On the outside I use one of the two side pockets for my iphone and the other for a small water bottle.

The strap is very adjustable for any size person and the shoulder pad floats as the bag is moved around for comfort.  The pad also has a great gripping surface should one decide to carry the bag on one shoulder.

There is a belt loop on the back of the bag which can be used if one decides to carry this well balanced bag on a belt.  Not for me but some might like it.  Instead, being that the bag comes with a rain cover, I jam the rain cover in where the belt loop is and it is a perfect spot for that.




  1. Hi, you’ve mentioned that you can fit a water bottle in the side pocket. Any chance you could show a photo of it with a bottle in please?


    1. Hi Jack.
      It has been a while since I used this bag. As a matter of fact because of additional needs like an Ipad pro 10.5 and associated accessories I went to the Think Tank Urban Approach 10.

      That said the water bottle I used was a Stanley Stainless Steel Flask type water bottle that holds about 8 ounces of water. I still use that and it did fit into the side compartment. With the bigger Urban 10 I could use a larger bottle but I really do not need it. The Urban 10 carries my Xpro2, 23mm 2.0, 35mm 2.0, 50mm 2.0, Cards, 4 batteries, cable release, the two Fuji extension tubes and every so often the Godox 35o f flash and transmitter. And now my Ipad pro !0.5 and and Apple Pencil.


      If I go out for just a long walk in the park or in DC I use a Cosyspeed Streetomatic Plus bag and it carries Xpro2, 2 extra lenses, 2 batteries.


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