A Bag Just for Women? That’s what the hype says, but don’t believe it-……..Edited and Updated


Lily Deanne line of Think Tank Photo bags may just be the best design that they have come up with……..IMO a great camera bag for men

I have been in the photography industry for more years than I want to admit and I have seen many things come and go.

The Think Tank Photo Lily Deanne series of bags has jumped into the market place, and for the first time it looks like this is a line of bags that is both elegant and practical and addresses a “woman’s” photographic carry needs.

Now please understand that I believe camera bags are one of those things that I consider generic and I think over the years that Think Tank Photo has been in business I never gave a thought as to whether their bags would work for men and women alike.  They have always been highly practical, well designed, comfortable, some what smart looking but even more important they have always been stealthy while being easy to access gear under a multitude of situations.

I don’t ever remember when a question arose that asked why camera bags were not designed for women.  I never considered a camera bag to be gender specific.

That said “stylish” bags have entered the market place from different manufacturers, such as Jill-e, etc. but until now, in my opinion, have not been really totally functional as pure camera bags.  They have sort of been a combination of camera bags and pocket-book.  Some have been available in tons of colors and patterns while a few were more purse like.

Having worked with many women photographers in my multiple carriers in the industry I never heard a woman complain that her camera bag was to man like.  But that said, I have to admit that someone finally came out with a practical bag that they say is designed by a women for women.

As a matter of fact the bag is so well designed and so easy to access main gear as well as accessories that I am sure there are a lot of guys who will prefer this bag over other Think Tank Photo options.

I was telling my wife how  much I really like this bag, and she looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and said straight out that the bag was too feminine for a man to use or be seen with for that matter and that it was designed to be a woman’s bag.  Of course that gave me an opportunity unleash generic “male” sarcasm because I am a man and I love what this line of bags has to offer both men and women who are on the move with their photograph gear.

I have owned almost every model that Think Tank has made in the shoulder bag category, liked them all, but none of them had this quality and feature set and ease of use like this one. So I really don’t care if it says “made for a women.”  I consider this bag very generic and a terrific bag option for any man who wants to show his feminine side.  Just kidding.  It really is a generic bag.

There are three models, each a different size and the one I have is the LILY DEANNE MEZZO.  

It is the middle size bag, and I have my Fuji XT1, 23mm 1.4, 56mm 1.2. 14mm 2.8 and the 35mm 2.0 mounted on the body.  I also have a Nissin i40 flash and my Ipad. in the main compartment as well as a bunch of accessories.  You will see by clicking on the link above that there are more than sufficient pockets on the outside of the bag to hold pretty much every thing one needs plus more.

Materials are typically top of the line, weather resistant, and very soft.  The strap is wide and has a terrific shoulder pad for a comfortable wear on a shoulder or across the chest.  There is plenty of room for batteries, cards, cable release, Iphone 6+.  This is a very well designed bag and well thought out for all photographers.

It is also the first Think Tank bag I have used where the outer flap gets the hell out of my way and nicely drapes down the back leaving quick access to  lots of pockets and best of all a double zipper that opens up into the main compartment with the widest opening I have ever stuck my chubby hand in to in order to pull out my camera. 

Think Tank.  This bag is for man as well as a woman just like most bags are, and you guys out there should not be deterred by the slogan “MADE FOR A WOMAN” because if you do you will be depriving yourself of what might well be the best bag you have ever owned.

All of the Think Tank LILY deanne bags are available in my area at District Camera in Burke Va

It’s a is a perfect store to put your hands on any one of the models.







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