A Guide to Mastering Manual Focus MAR 15, 2016 LUKASZ PALKA-PETAPIXEL

I always find articles like this rather appealing and educational.  Catching the “decisive moment” means that you always have to be at the ready to press the shutter release button.

As wonderful autofocus can be and no matter how many great images you have taken using auto focus, it still has its moments when it searches for the accurate point.  That delay during the search can cost you the “decisive moment” in capturing and freezing life as it unfolds.

That is when learning the technique of manual focus comes into play with the understanding that learning will require practice.  Using prime lenses (single focal lengths) is the best way to do this.  While zooms provide great compositional aid, they do not provide the overall control that a prime does.

Take a few minutes to read this excellent article on learning manual focus.  The tips the writer provides will come in very handy should you decide to give it a try.


Have you ever cursed your camera for missing that special moment in the streets? Do you ever struggle to get the subject quickly in focus before the fleeti

Source: A Guide to Mastering Manual Focus

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