Fuji X Acros Simulation in the new XPRO2………FOLLOW UP

This is a link to a Fuji X corporate site that explains how the simulation for Acros was designed for the new Fuji X Cameras. (currently X pro 2)

It is a follow-up to a blog I wrote yesterday, and a fellow photographer was kind enough to point it in my direction.  The reason for the email was because I wrote about reproducing the Acros simulation different softwares, but I have to agree that none of the software that I used really did the Fuji simulation for that film justice.

Even if you are not a Fuji X photographer, I think you will find a lot of information as to how a manufacturer goes about setting the right balance in reproducing a scene that we see with our eyes.  Fuji through their Jpeg files has really mastered this but just because this is about Fuji you should not be deterred from reading on because there is always something to learn and learn is what we do hopefully every day when it comes to our personal photography.


This is Marco’s email to me

“Fuji has done a lot of in camera processing to get the Acros look on the new X-Pro 2. They also add ISO sensitive grain to the JPGs. Here is an explanation on that process: http://fujifilm-x.com/en/x-stories/the-newest-film-simulation-acros/     

I have tried Acros a bit on the X-Pro 2 but to me it is more of a portrait setting that does not yield the contrasty look that I seek in most of my B&W images. So I have not looked for an equivalent simulation yet.

Best regards,



The web site to see Marco’s beautiful and inspirational photography is here.

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