Would I get the upgrade? Some Thoughts

As many of you know I do my photography with Fuji XT1 and prime lenses.  I used to shoot with the first X Fuji which was the Xpro1.

Recently Fuji updated the Xpro1 with a new 24 megapixel, over 200 images-1segmented AF which is supposed to be faster, a new button layout, Iso access dial, dual SD card slot, the famous LCD viewfinder and optical viewfinder, etc.    And yes it is weather sealed.  All of these things added to the camera make for a terrific upgrade that can also shoot at very high Iso without noise.

Now of course the big question is whether or not I am going to upgrade.
The answer is no even though I think this is an incredible piece of technology and it is built like a tank.  I have no doubt that it is worth ever dollar, but…….

The reason for no is simple.  It is the same reason I traded in the Xpro1 when the Fuji Xt1 came out.  It is the form factor.  Both cameras are the perfect size for me but the Xt1 is like a Dslr and that style of camera works best for me.  It also has a liquid crystal display that drops down to work like a waist level finder.  I like that a lot.

Am I concerned about image quality?  No.  The Xt1 and my prime lenses produce incredible images all the way up to Iso 6400 and I can really wait for the Xt2 when it comes out.  Maybe I’ll upimagesgrade but there again, maybe not.

It is really important for me that a camera is comfortable to shoot with and the image quality is terrific.  If I had to make a decision about upgrading and it was between a newer more advanced body or another high quality optic I’ll go for the optic all the time.

But if you find that you are comfortable with the Xpro2 style of camera (range finder) then you just might be purchasing the best camera in the market place.

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