Get It Together Elliot – Get With The Program – Think About It, Really!

Get It Together Elliot – Get With The Program – Think About It, Really!

Okay, that is not really a quote from some one who I really respect and whose products I like, not to forget to mention his outstanding enthusiasm for photography and those who are involved with photography.

But that is what he actually meant!

He is the designer and manufacturer and marketer of a brand called Cosyspeed and that represents products that he wanted to provide to mirrorless cameras users so they could really travel light and minimalistic.   But this not only pertains to compact system cameras but to Digital Single Lens reflex users as well.

So where does the sudo quote above come from.  Well, Thomas Ludwig, the creator of Cosyspeed who I correspond with a lot, replied to one of my suggestive emails where I told him I could use a bigger bag that would hold my Xt1 with 35 2.0 mounted, 56mm 1.2 and 14mm 2.8.  The Streetshooter bag holds my camera and one more lens.

In not so many words he wanted to know why I was trying to turn his excellent product into a full fledged camera bag which would be no bigger than what he now makes, but carry everything I own.  Like more lenses, and accessories than what a TRUE minimalist bag SHOULD HOLD.

He did tell me to get over it and pick 2 lenses and a body and go shoot and stop trying to remake the world.  of course he is right, but like so many of you, the desire to carry a bunch of lenses, a body, flash, cords, and what ever else you can think of there is always the fear that I shall miss something if I don’t have it all.

I know I preach go small and I really do mean it. But the gear addict side of my brain takes over even though I know I should shut it off and I wind up with way to much, to heavy, loaded into a too bulky gear carrying bag.

Thomas is right.  The most enjoyable shooting experience I have had in quite some time was a camera and 2 lenses, 2 batteries, lens cleaner, and a street shooter bag.  The camera was a mirrorless Fuji Xt1, leather strap, 2 SD cards.  Now I could have added a lens bag to the Streetshooter bag, like the 14mm but opted not to.  I wore this outfit in the woods and at my stage of life, balance possibly being an issue it was nice to have two hands free.

What can I say?  Shoot more, carry less, enjoy photography more.  Having less can be the first step in making you more creative no matter what kind of photography you like.  What do I like at this time of my life?  People, architecture, table top photography, the woods, and close up photography.  


2 thoughts on “Get It Together Elliot – Get With The Program – Think About It, Really!

  1. We met at my house in the country many years ago , you showed me the Olympus 4/3 rd cameras and my life was changed , i have Oly and Sony now , my street bag measures 6.5x 5.5 x7 carries 2- 16 mg pix aps-c cameras with 1 prime and 1 zoom mounted, 2 extra batteries, cards , filters and hoods, its reasonably padded, inexpensive Tamrac, often i will forgo any bag and wear a photo vest. My Nikon and Canon gear stays at home. I do remember you saying the quest for the perfect bag was not over.


    1. Hi Ron, I do remember. I had the Olympus for a while and really liked the system and still have lenses. I gave up on it for only one reason. I have big hands and the buttons are just too small. By the time Sony got their stuff together I was already in the Fuji X system with a few primes and I love it and won’t look back at this stage of life, but the Sony certainly has developed into quite a system.

      I am glad you have simplified and yes I still hold to the fact that there will never be the perfect bag, but my quests are pretty much over. I have the Cosyspeed which is really convenient and I also have a Billingham Hadley Pro and a couple of Ona bags which are great. One of them is about the size of your favorite and comes in very handy. Made of waxed canvas and water proof almost. Good to hear from you.


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