REVISED ……. Exploring Porto with the Leica M-D – and a challenge to those of you who will probably never own the Leica M-D


REVISED and a challenge to those of you who will probably never own the Leica M-D

Without a doubt this is a video presented by Leica on Vimeo but very little if anything is said about Leica.

However a great deal is said about photography and this video is worth your time to watch and absorb.

It does not matter what your favorite camera is.  This has nothing to do with the story.  It is about you as a photographer no matter what level you shoot at.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have  READ WHAT IS IN RED AFTER YOU WATCH THE VIDEO 🙂


Now that you have watched the video, you can see at the end that Leica does its little commercial which they are entitled to.

My take on this camera, is that like every Leica out there and all of the Leica lenses (which I happen to love Leica) is priced out of the reach of most consumers and they are asking you to spend $6000.00 on a camera with which they are giving you less than their other cameras.  You have to have a lot of money and expendable income to justify a Leica in your camera bag.  Then at a couple of grand for each lens, well you get the point……

There was some pretty extensive talk on the Fuji Facebook pages today about that and while most of the folks were very respectful of Leica as it is extremely fine gear, most felt that not having an LCD on the back of the camera was pretty ludicrous. 

After all, and I’ll throw this out as a challenge I believe that most of you are self disciplined enough to shut of the rear LCD for a day or two, only take one shot of a subject in stead cosmic blasting the hell out of it, not push the playback button to see what you got until you got to a computer, just like the new Leica wants you to do and if you are old enough just what YOU did when you shot a roll of 36 exposure film.

I am also willing to bet that you will have some great and meaningful images to be happy with and proud of.

DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THAT FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS?  Go for it.  I would love to see your images when you are all done processing them.


One thought on “REVISED ……. Exploring Porto with the Leica M-D – and a challenge to those of you who will probably never own the Leica M-D

  1. adambonn

    I saw this video and I was immediate struck by it… Because I live in Porto!

    I wrote a blog post about what the Fuji X-Pro1 can do in Porto (I’ll spare your readership the self-promoting link, but if anyone is desperately curious then clicking my name should get you somewhere close)

    Not sure I can completely embrace the challenge Elliot… But I never chimp at the time (well if it’s critical, but it really never is because GENERALLY speaking if it’s a critical moment it’s gone and you’ve caught it or you haven’t, and if it’s not a moment but a thing, then it’ll probably still be there later) my LCD stays off by default…. But full disclosure, my street sessions usually end up in a café, and I do have a little chimp then, while I’m waiting for the coffee to turn up!

    The M-D is actually cheaper than I expected in the UK… and the top plate is brass, unlike the alloy of the M-E replacement (forgive me, I’ve completely lost track of Leica’s M2xx codes recently… M8/M9 etc I could cope with!)

    If fact for what it’s worth, the less I automate my camera, the better (in context of myself) the shots seem to get, I think the key is learning what an image needs, rather than what a camera needs to automate image capture

    I wonder how many will take up your challenge?



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