This May Be One Of The Best Organizers To Hit The Market

I received an email from Indiegogo which is a funding site on the web.  I found this particular product of great interest as have many others who have funded it.

It may well be the best and newest way to keep track of all your images that you have stored away who knows where, even you.

I thought you might find this interesting.


4 thoughts on “This May Be One Of The Best Organizers To Hit The Market

  1. Looks ok…. DAM is the bane of my life! I have zillions of shots, across many years, taken by slightly less many cameras and edited in a great many different bits of software… “Hey Adam, where’s the lovely shot of our granddaughter, we want to get a print of?” ‘Mum, truly – I have no clue, do you remember the date I took it on? ‘

    Someone fix my nightmare! It’s high time someone filled the niche… I don’t want a RAW editor with DAM, I want a damn cross platform DAM solution that works like my brain, and that would be text based tags 🙂


    4 custom entries, that’s all I ask

    Ok, rant over – thanks Elliot

    1. I know how you feel. I too have so many images over a lifetime of 73 years and locating just the right one is monumental. Opps pardon the product pun.

      I am glad you responded to this because I wanted to let you know I have closed down all of my Facebook accounts. I was spending way to much time on it and while I enjoyed, for the most part the photography groups, I was too involved in other areas with politics and international nightmares and found myself to high strung to be doing that. Now that the weather is warm enough shooting images is the priority and time better spend. I hope you stay in touch. You have my info.

      1. When you post I get an email, so it’s easy to stay in touch with your blog 🙂

        I’m quite cagey about what I chat about on line… My personal FB is for the kid shots, the Photo groups are ok, apart from when clueless twits think you’re looking for critique (I’ll ask for it if I need it – thanks!)

        The moment I mention anything political, I just seem to attract ill informed fools with a drum to beat and an axe to grind…

      2. You are so right, and I have allowed myself to get sucked in. Maybe I’ll come back after the summer during the winter. I sure have jumped over the political line in American politics and never used to bother with it. Also I have made the mistake of trying to be technically helpful on different page book pages and have been smacked around and accused of being self promoting, which I really don’t do. After all these years in the business, and having a father who mentored me starting at the age of 5, and my years with Nikon Inc in the USA I wanted to give back. I can do that through my site by posting articles written by others as well as myself and promoting products that I think deserve a good word without me being obligated to the companies that make them.

        But I babble on Adam. I cannot believe that yesterday was the first day in Virginia in weeks without rain and clouds and today we are back to the same weather. Keep an eye out for a review on alternative ICE LIGHTS, and one fifth the price. 🙂 Wescott makes great stuff however they have over reached with that product. 🙂

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