I’ve had it! Goodbye Nikon! Hello Fuji!

This time it is not me screaming from the tops of buildings about why you should be considering mirrorless, high quality, Fuji X cameras and lenses for both professional and personal work.

I have been in love with Fuji products since the day they introduced the X Pro 1 camera and the 35mm 1.4 lens and the 18-55 zoom.  Of course lots more lenses have been added and they are all incredible optics.

But I type too much.  Read the article about a photographer’s transition from very heavy to comfortably light camera gear.


Source: I’ve had it! Goodbye Nikon! Hello Fuji!

One thought on “I’ve had it! Goodbye Nikon! Hello Fuji!

  1. Streetshooter

    You hit a point that many don’t want to address. So, I been using Leica’s since before Nam in 1970. Love them dearly. I started getting older, imagine that. Anyway, I couldn’t focus them anymore cause I have tremors and my eyes aren’t able to do the work.

    Along came theFuji X100 and I was very happy, then the X100s and even more so. Now I have the X100T and don’t use my Leica’s at all. The single most important things for me is AF and MF if I want.
    We all have issues and all need to rethink what we do and how we do it. I’m glad you found your way. Fuji is a great company that seems to put the user up front.
    Good luck with your transition…. camera transition…..



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