Nucis Leather combines old world leather straps with modern day Peak Design Quick Release System

Nucis Leather combines old world leather straps with modern Peak Design Quick Release System ENTER STAGE LEFT AND RIGHT – NUCIS LEATHER FROM PORTUGAL

Photographers are always looking for something new, something different.  There are lots of things you can add to your cameras and one of the most popular accessories to put on a camera besides a lens is the neck strap or wrist strap.  The problem there are so many straps available that finding the right one is as challenging as finding the right camera bag.

  1. A strap has to be comfortable
  2. A strap needs to have a quick release for the times you put your camera on a tripod.
  3. A strap has to be well made.  There are lots of straps but too many are not well made.
  4. A strap needs to fit comfortably around the neck
  5. A strap needs to fit cross chest like a sling

One of my favorite companies is Peak Design.  They make all kind of carrying solutions for your cameras and lenses.  They are very quality oriented and their designs are quite unique.

In the past couple of years they have come out with very nice camera straps called the Slide.  They adjust very quickly for either around the neck use, sling use, and have what I feel is the best quick release system on the market.

While I love their straps, what they do not provide is a warm atheistic feel to them.  They are more modern-day technology hardware products that do a terrific job for what the are designed for and that is to carry your camera.

al-hero-2But the folks at Peak Design are pretty smart young folks and they know that lots of us want that old world, touchy, warmth and smell of great leather.   So they made an accessory which allows people to attach their other favorite strap, the leather one to their quick release system.  Unfortunately most high quality leather straps come complete with mounting rings for the camera and are tightly stitched in place making them unusable with Peak Designs well-intentioned accessory.

Here comes NUCIS LEATHER with the perfect solution which can give you everything you ever wanted in a high quality leather strap.  They offer a strap made of beautiful, soft leather in black with superb white stitching and almost best of all it is fully adjustable so it can be worn around the neck at any height you need for your camera or across the chest as sling strap. But best of all they sew in the Peak Design quick release anchor links.  Best of two worlds.  What more could you ask for.

It took a little over a week for the strap they were sending me to arrive here in Virginia by mail.  All I can say is that the strap was not expensive.  It looks great.  It wears very comfortably and I can snap off the strap when ever I need to so I can use the camera on a tripod without _0011819 smart copy _0011818 copy _0011818 copy copy _0011813 copy copyinterference or I can attach a wrist strap from Nucis using the same anchor system.  I love what they have made.

Fernando who owns Nucis leather not only makes many wonderful leather products but also brings the wonders of soft leather into the modern world by adopting the Peak Design concepts.


Peak Design Says-




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