Using white balance to take better photos – The Fujifilm Blog

Custom White Balance or preset white balance are one of the least used but very important features in a digital camera


At the end of this article is a video showing the use of the entire scene to  do preset or custom white balance.  While that may work in rare instances, it is better to use a white card, grey card for their neutrality or even better a device such as the Expo Disc  which can be held in front of the lens for fast an accurate white balance settings.

Finally most post processing software allows you to use an eye dropper on a neutral part of the image for setting white balance to get close to the proper colors in the scene.

Auto white balance in the cameras does about a 90 to 95 percent selection of the right color for the scene.  But there are scenes that will not process properly in auto as you will find in the article I have linked you to.

I have found using an Expo Disc in the outdoors has made my life easier when it comes to getting the image right in the camera.  In my in house study I use either a grey card or the Expo Disc to get a better reading on color that my artificial lights such as an Ice Light are producing.  Ice lights is a term coined by Westcott for their product.  There are however many “”””Ice Lights””” on the market, all made by mainly one manufacturer in China that are as good or better.  Check this out at District Camera in Burke Va.


Follow this blog as there will be an upcoming article on the Ice Type Lights available in the market and why they are just the thing you will find is a very worth while investment for both indoor and outdoor close in portable lighting.

“White Balance is a term that may seem foreign to most photographers. Especially as a setting that you could adjust that would make a drastic impact on your photos. If you ever have taken a photo in…”

Source: Using white balance to take better photos – The Fujifilm Blog

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